Mini-Horse Has Adorable Freak Out at Larger Horse Trying to Mess With Him

It's not easy being the smallest horse on the farm. You're constantly defending yourself. Or maybe that's just one little guy, who recently got straight-up feisty when a bigger horse tried to mess with him.

Don't mess with the minis — it's a lesson we will never forget after watching the clip from @magda.scr.

In the clip the horse enthusiast shared, it shows the cutest little Mini Horse hanging with a much larger breed. All the small horse did was give the bigger horse a sniff and it was on. We guess it was a little too close for comfort for the big guy, because he became dangerously close to giving the Mini Horse a bite on the muzzle. But the small horse wasn't going to let that happen one bit.

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He jumped up on his hind legs and fended the bigger horse off. The horse was defending himself! He even whinnied as a warning — back off or else!

"You can‘t bite me," his owner wrote in the caption.

Thankfully, it seems like neither horse got hurt. They were simply getting a little testy with each other. It was almost like two siblings — an observation that the comments section also made. "The horse version of 'I’m not touching you,'" joked one commenter. "He's screaming like a ten-year-old girl," someone else teased. "Stands there and screams but doesn’t move away," one commenter added. "Little sibling vibes - stand as close as possible to antagonize," chimed in another person.

Mini Horse Temperament

It should be said that Mini Horses aren't testy by nature. This just happened to be a time when two horses weren't getting along. In fact, Mini Horses tend to fare better when they are kept outdoors along with other horses.

At heart, these horses are known for being intelligent, curious, gentle, and social. They love humans a lot too!

The History of Mini Horses

You might be wondering, where in the world did Mini Horses come from? Well the breed has been developing for thousands of years by selectively breeding smaller and smaller horses. The breed comes to us from Europe in the 1600s, where they became popular with nobility for their diminutive size.

By the 1800s, Mini Horses made their way to America, where they were used to work in mines. It wasn't always clear that Minis were going to become popular here, but as time went on, they became more and more well-known and favorable. Today, many people in the United States keep Mini Horses as pets.

That being said, no matter how sweet and gentle your Mini is, it's probably best not to mess with them. Or else you'll face their wrath like this horse did.

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