Mindfuli’s Digital Direct-to-Consumer Therapy Platform Now Available to Patients Throughout California

Mental Healthcare D2C Platform Expected to Launch Across the Rest of the U.S. Throughout 2022

DANA POINT, Calif., June 23, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mindfuli, a leading Orange County, Calif.-based online mental health solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its direct-to-consumer digital therapy platform across the state of California. The on-demand mental healthcare platform is built to leverage the power of big data to personalize human care, and in turn, provide psychotherapy and peer counseling that truly works, when and where patients need it most.

"Forming a strong therapeutic alliance with your counselor or therapist is key to improving mental health," said Dr. Loren Martin, chief scientific officer and co-founder of Mindfuli. "Many people seeking mental health support give up after finding it too difficult to find a therapist that they truly connect with. Mindfuli was created to help solve this issue by utilizing an algorithm to screen our counselors and therapists for personal attributes that promote a strong collaborative relationship with clients. In addition, we collect feedback from our clients on the strength of this alliance so that we can continually improve upon our ability to successfully pair them with the right counselor or therapist."

Starting your mental health journey with Mindfuli is easy. Simply visit Mindfuli.com and complete a brief client profile designed to identify your unique personality and mental health needs. From there, you will be able to choose the level of care that you prefer and your counselor or therapist, based upon a pool of compatible options. You will also be able to enter Mindfuli’s Virtual Care Lounge where you can schedule future video-conference sessions with your counselor or therapist or immediately receive support by chatting with a counselor from a team of specialists who are always on call. This 24/7 access to social, emotional, and crisis support is an important component of Mindfuli’s approach to mental wellness. To ensure progress your journey, Mindfuli routinely monitors the strength of your relationship with your care team as well as your improvement on key metrics of mental health and wellness, providing feedback and recommendations as necessary to ensure optimal care outcomes.

"In an era where it can take five to six weeks to get into see a mental health professional, let alone one that feels right for what you need in your mental health journey, Mindfuli offers a seamless pathway for folks to get the empathic help they need, from someone they really connect with and at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy," said Christof Meyer, chief revenue officer and head of strategy at Mindfuli. "Our platform is easy to use; backed by science; offers truly personalized care and emotional support from highly trained specialists; is virtually accessible anytime, anywhere; and most importantly, it’s effective and produces real results."

While the platform is currently only available to help-seekers in California, Mindfuli will be made available to patients across the U.S. over the course of 2022 and will soon also be offered in-network by benefit providers like Aetna and Thrival Payer.

Mindfuli offers three different care package tiers, which include:

  • Counselor Connect - $89/month: This option includes custom counselor assignments; online scheduling and calendar; real-time 24/7 counselor chats; access to social support groups; personalized care pathway and homework; and four counselor support sessions per month.

  • Therapist Connect - $179/month: This package adds a clinical therapist to the care team and includes online scheduling and calendar; real-time 24/7 counselor chats; access to social support groups; a customized treatment plan; clinical diagnosis; planned exercises and assessments; two counselor support sessions per month and two therapist sessions each month.

  • Therapist Enhanced - $269/month: As the most in-depth mental health care offering, this option includes focused clinical therapist sessions; online scheduling and calendar; real-time 24/7 counselor chats; access to social support groups; a customized treatment plan; clinical diagnosis; planned exercises and assessments; and four designated therapy sessions per month.

To learn more about Mindfuli, or to get started on transforming your mental health today, visit Mindfuli.com.

About Mindfuli: Mindfuli is an on-demand, mental health platform created to help people find a care team of counselors and therapists that will create effective and lasting transformation in their mental health. Designed to make mental health care simple, effective and readily available, Mindfuli’s digital platform was created by doctors and scientists using the latest developments in clinical science to match help-seekers with highly trained mental health specialists who deliver evidence-based, personalized treatment that promotes real emotional healing, anytime and anywhere – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy. Learn more at Mindfuli.com.

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