Million-Dollar Zillow Listing Goes Viral Due to Home's Unusual Superhero Occupants

A real estate listing for a four bedroom, four bath home in Topsfield, MA has captured the attention of the internet not for its curb appeal, but for the life-size, realistic statues of superheroes and other fictional characters found through the 3,267 square foot space.

The listing, which has been picked up by the popular social media account Zillow Gone Wild, shows around a dozen predominantly female characters including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Maleficent, and more in virtually every room of the otherwise unassuming home.

"On today’s episode of You Never Know What’s Going On Inside A Home, Part 51," the account posted on Wednesday, noting that the house was currently listed for a cool $1,069,000.

In follow-up posts to the thread additional statues can be seen, such as Catwoman and Poison Ivy from Batman, as well as actress Talisa Soto portraying the character Kitana from the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie and Chun-Li from the 1994 Street Fighter movie. (The latter two were identified with the help of some internet sleuths in the replies.)

Though the real estate listing doesn't explain the presence of the home's unusual occupants, it does, at the very least, acknowledge them.

"Batman and a load of female super heroes will be present at the open house! Each mannequin is a true work of art," the listing states, after noting features such as a handicap accessible in-law suite, finished basement, and oversized two-car garage. "Come check this unique property, take pictures with some all-time fan favorites, and make it a family outing."

However, in the viral thread, the statues were revealed to be the work of Boston-based costume designer and mannequin maker Greg Maraio, who features his work on Instagram. It's unclear whether the home belongs to Maraio or if the owner simply commissioned the pieces, but one would have to imagine that they are not included in the sale.

Such was not the case for a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed home that was listed for sale last year, which featured nautical themed decor and pirate statues throughout, which were ostensibly included in the $650,000 sale price.