How Millie Bobby Brown Got Away With Not Shaving Her Head for “Stranger Things 4”

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

It seems like we’ve all collectively fallen deeper in love with Millie Bobby Brown over the past month (of course, that is, if you weren’t already a MBB stan from her previous work on “Stranger Things” and her clean beauty brand Florence by Mills). And how could you not? The actress has taken her fame in stride, calling out fans for treating her differently after she turned 18 and still making time to roast Tom Holland for his spice tolerance. Oh, and her net worth is already in the range of $10 million despite the fact that she’s only 18 — slay.

In “Stranger Things 4,” Millie’s character Eleven relives her past repressed memories from her time in Dr. Brenner’s lab as an attempt to restore the powers that she lost. The show jumps back and forth between Eleven at 8 and 15 years old, so viewers see Millie constantly switch between an ‘80s fringe and a buzz cut, leaving us wondering if the actress took clippers to her hair. But all is not as it seems — it turns out that Millie was hiding her long brown hair under a very, very realistic wig cap that made it seem like she had a closely-cropped buzz cut with her “scalp” visible underneath.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

You’re not the only one who was googling “did Millie Bobby Brown shave her head for Stranger Things?” — LA-based beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson broke down some of the behind-the-scenes photos from the “Stranger Things 4” set in a TikTok video that, at the time of writing, has 3.4M views. Kirby described the wig as “the most realistic looking wig I have frankly ever seen in television.”

“Stranger Things” hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul sat fans down in the hair and makeup chair to reveal more details about how she made Eleven’s wig magic happen. Sarah explained in the caption of her post, “the most important is a tight wrap of her own hair so her head shape is as natural as possible with no bulk. For that, we wetted her hair down and slicked it with a gel tight to her head placing her hair in a flattering manner. Afterwards her head would be wrapped tightly in an elastic material and we would put her under the heat to dry for 15 min. The second challenge was to make sure it was transparent so we can see her scalp through the hair. This was done by @robpickens sewing in pieces of silk to simulate skin.”

And guess what? Nancy, Dr. Brenner, Eddie Munson, and Mrs. Wheeler wore wigs, too. That voluminous, curly, teased ‘80s look doesn’t just happen overnight. Just check the comment section of her posts and you’ll find that fans have flooded each one, writing, “You guys fooled me, thought it was real,” “Wait! I thought it was her hair all along. Wow,” and simply, “That's a wig!?!?!” as a testament to her skill.

Sarah Hindsgaul is also the person behind Henry Creel’s perm, Finn Wolfhard’s short ‘80s bowl cut/mullet, and of course, Steve “The Hair” Harrington’s iconic, beautiful waves. On behalf of all Steve stans, thank you for your service, Sarah!

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