Millennials cannot believe this belt trend from the ’00s is back: ‘Is this a joke?’

By now, millennials shouldn’t be surprised at seeing their middle school-era fashions making a comeback. (After all, we’ve already watched chokers, crop tops and low-rise jeans get “cool” again.)

But now, another late ’90s, early ’00s fashion trend has returned, and millennials are kind of losing it.

Say hello (again) to chunky statement belts worn around the hips to accentuate those curves and accessorize any outfit — because, according to TikTok, they’re back!

A recent post by Lauren Wolfe (@laurenwolfe) has been going viral for showing off the look, which is getting mixed reactions in the comments.

“Okay, if you’re going to get one accessory for Spring/Summer it should be these,” the TikToker says before holding up several chunky statement belts. “I’ve been seeing them everywhere on Pinterest and they make every outfit look so much cuter.”

“theyre already selling out so get them now if you want them!” Wolfe added in her caption. “Also perfect for festival season.”

In her video, Wolfe makes no mention of the belts being a vintage trend, but many commenters (presumably all millennials) were quick to call that out.

“Is this a joke?” one person wrote.

“its giving charlotte russe 2007,” another added.

“Ok they definitely gaslighting us lol,” someone else declared.

The comments kept coming — and all of them were pretty hilarious.

“2003 called,” one person joked.

mom can you pick me up the girls on tiktok are trying to reinvent jim morrison belts,” another added.

“Everyone in their late 20s / early 30s completely traumatised RN,” said someone else.

But others had a more “positive” outlook on the trend coming back, and even embraced it.

“We’ve done it guys,” one user wrote. “We’ve gone full circle!”

“Lesson learnt,” said another, “DO NOT throw away any ‘out of fashionclothes, cuz they will come back in style.”

(Duly noted.)

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