A Millennial’s Guide to the TikTok Hype House & Its 21 Members

Becca Evans

Maybe you saw a skinny 15-year-old girl you didn’t recognize stealing the show in a Super Bowl 2020 commercial and felt out of the loop. Maybe you’re confused about how every person under 18 suddenly knows flawless choreography for 1,500 different songs.  Most likely, you’ve experienced some exposure to TikTok culture and most likely you’ve got the Hype House to thank for it.

For the uninitiated, the Hype House is a house in Los Angeles owned and run by some of TikTok’s biggest stars. A shared influencer house certainly isn’t a new concept, and the Hype House isn’t even the first collaborative house for TikTokers. But it might be one of the most successful ones ever. Not every member lives in the house full time, and the house has sustained some...

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