Milk Made From Avocados Is Coming To Stores In The U.S. Next Month And Let’s Face It, I’ll Try It

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: Avocadomilk - Instagram
Photo credit: Avocadomilk - Instagram

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For those of us who prefer a non-dairy milk for, like, whatever reason, we have no shortage of options. From classics like almond milk to trendier options like oat milk, every "alternative milk" has its own pros and cons to consider, but in case you just haven't found one that feels right for you yet, the U.S. is getting yet another one to consider: avocado milk.

Next month, Avocadomilk, a new non-dairy milk made from freeze-dried avocados and oats will hit shelves in the U.S., the brand announced to VegNews. The brand, which is currently sold in New Zealand and Australia, uses "ugly" avocados that may have previously been wasted and uses them to make this creamy drink. It has a shelf life of 11 months and they also recently took honey out of the formula to make a totally vegan version, in case you're wondering!

The website boasts that this drink "looks like avocado, tastes like avocado and is good for you like avocado," which means, yeah, it appears to be green when you pour it out of the bottle. The company says that you can use it in place of other alternative milks and anyone who has baked or cooked with avocados before knows that the smooth and buttery taste is usually pretty versatile. Still, if you're nervy, it also comes in a chocolate version made with cacao.

The milk is set to be available in 122 supermarkets in California, Texas, the Rocky Mountains, the Midwest, and Hawaii when it comes to shelves next month.

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