This Milk Bar Cheetos Cake Is the Surprising Sweet and Salty Treat You Need

Celebrate 75 years of Cheetos with a cheesy (literally) birthday cake from the iconic bakery.

<p>Milk Bar x Cheetos</p>

Milk Bar x Cheetos

No matter how old you are, something about opening a bag of Cheetos and getting that orange dust all over your fingers feels nostalgic. It has the power to bring you back to summer days snacking by the pool or elementary school field trips—plus that cheesy crunch is undeniably addicting. And now, you can get the classic flavor in cake form.

In celebration of Cheetos’s 75th birthday, the brand is launching a collaboration with award-winning bakery Milk Bar—and while a Cheeto-flavored birthday cake might not sound appealing, the combo delivers a surprisingly delectable dessert that strikes a balance between sweet and salty.

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Milk Bar founder, co-owner, and chef Christina Tosi and her team “screeched in the kitchen” when they got the call about partnering with the iconic snack brand, Tosi tells Better Homes & Gardens.

“Cheetos dipped in a tub of vanilla frosting is still to this day one of my power moves that I do when no one is around,” Tosi says, referring to it as her “dirty dessert.”

It took the Milk Bar chefs about four months to perfect the Cheetos Birthday Cake recipe. After multiple rounds of baking, tasting, and repeat, they decided to go with their classic birthday cake format to channel that “Cheetos dipped in vanilla frosting” flavor.

The cake features layers of vanilla, rainbow-flecked birthday cake, Cheetos cheddar frosting, vanilla frosting, and Cheetos and birthday crumbs sprinkled on top and in between layers.

<p>Milk Bar x Cheetos</p>

Milk Bar x Cheetos

“Cheetos cheddar frosting and the classic vanilla birthday frosting are really interesting because they both have their moments,” Tosi says. “And the Cheetos crumb hidden in between the layers and on top gives you the right textural moment without taking away from the Cheetos cheddar cheese and vanilla frosting. It’s like this beautiful little yin and yang, salty, sweet, high-low moment that’s come to life.”

When coming up with ideas for creating a special, personalized birthday cake for a loved one, Tosi makes them what she calls a “cake ID.” She finds out what flavor they always requested growing up, digs into their favorite birthday memories, and asks about their “dirty dessert” guilty pleasure.

“Get a few layers deep and then bring it to life, because cake can have so much opportunity for flavor,” she says. “There are so many moments to make someone feel seen through the lens of a birthday cake. You just have to figure out how to ask the right questions and get the right answers, and then the rest is on you.”

The Cheetos x Milk Bar birthday cake is available to order online and in flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York starting September 7.

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