Miley Cyrus Seems to Have a Special Message for Liam Hemsworth With ‘Flowers’

The fact that “Flowers,” the first single Miley Cyrus released from her upcoming album, is a breakup anthem would probably have had people thinking of her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth anyway. But fans seem to have found enough direct references to Hemsworth in the lyrics, the release date, and even a possible Bruno Mars connection to make this track more meaningful than a generic postbreakup jam. 

Lyrics like, “I didn't wanna leave you, I didn't wanna lie,” seem to align with what we've heard about their relationship before. Rumor was, per TMZ, that Cyrus had been trying to repair the marriage up until the week that Hemsworth filed divorce papers in 2019. Even more pointed, Cyrus also sings in the track, “Built a home and watched it burn,” which could be a metaphor for their failed union but also a reference to the fact that their Malibu home literally burned down in the 2018 Woolsey fires, per Rolling Stone. Then there's the release date. Is it significant that Cyrus chose to drop this particular track at midnight on Hemsworth's 33rd birthday? Maybe!

Going a little bit deeper, fans on Twitter and Reddit noticed that the lyrics in the chorus read a lot like a response to Bruno Mars's 2013 breakup song “When I Was Your Man.”

Cyrus sings: “I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand / Talk to myself for hours / Say things you don't understand / I can take myself dancing / And I can hold my own hand / Yeah, I can love me better than you can.” While Mars's lyrics go: “I should have bought you flowers / And held your hand / Should have gave you all my hours / When I had the chance / Take you to every party ‘cause all you wanted to do was dance.” Like, I don’t not see it. 

The significance, according to the internet, is that Hemsworth once dedicated “When I Was Your Man” to Cyrus, but I haven't been able to find any proof of this.

So did Miley Cyrus write this song about Liam Hemsworth? My read: Probably.

Originally Appeared on Glamour