Miley Cyrus' Net Worth Is *Way* Bigger Than The Rest Of Her Family

miley cyrus net worth
Miley Cyrus' Net Worth: Everything To KnowGotham - Getty Images

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Miley Cyrus has been famous since practically forever, and she’s showing no signs of loosening her grip on her pop culture icon status. Case in point: She’s set to release a new single called “Flowers” on Friday.

Oh! And she has a new album coming out in March called Endless Summer Vacation. So, naturally, people are bugging out.

With all of this big Miley news, it’s understandable to have questions about her life, family, love life, and more, including how much she’s worth. (You’re only human, after all.) Here’s the deal.

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She made a lot of money in her early acting days.

Miley got her big break on Disney’s Hannah Montana when she was a kid, and racked in a pretty enormous salary at the time. Miley was named one of TV’s “richest kids” by the New York Post back in 2010, which noted that she made an estimated $15,000 per episode.

Considering the fact there were 98 episodes over Hannah Montana’s run, the stint definitely led to some big cash for young Miley. Of course, that also helped pave the way for endorsement deals, concerts, and more. “Miley is worth a billion—but she’s not making a billion on TV,” a source told the New York Post. “But her franchise is worth a billion.”

All in, Hannah Montana helped Miley earn $134 million by the time she was 18, according to Forbes.

She has released seven studio albums and three live albums.

While Miley’s breakout role was playing a secret rock star on TV, she became an IRL musician and ended up releasing seven (!) studio albums and three live albums over the years. Put simply: Miley’s been busy.

Miley naturally made plenty of cash from those albums, but she really raked it in on her tours. A few examples: Her Best Of Both Worlds Tour, which lasted from 2007 to early 2008, made more than $54 million, according to Billboard. Her Bangerz tour reportedly netted more than $62 million, and there were plenty of multi-million dollar tours in between.

Miley appeared on The Voice.

Miley was a coach on seasons 11 and 13 of The Voice and, while her salary wasn’t publicly disclosed, she reportedly pulled in $13 million a season.

In 2022, she hit the Forbes '30 Under 30' list.

Last year, Miley landed on the famed Forbes 30 under 30 list, which recognizes people for their influence. “I’m happy to be all the things that people need me to be,” she said in the interview. “As long as I’m all the things that I need me to be first.”

Miley also owns a lot of pricey property.

The star isn’t hurting for land, either. She bought a Mediterranean-style Malibu mansion in 2022 for $7.9 million, according to Architectural Digest. It boasts 6,568 square feet and offers panoramic views of the ocean, whitewater, canyon, and mountain vistas, according to the publication.

Miley also reportedly owns a $5.8 million mansion in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee, and owns a $3.9 million mansion in Studio City, Calif., according to Architectural Digest.

And has done some big-name sponsorships, too.

Miley hasn’t been super big on the sponsorship front, but she has done a few in her time. For one, she appeared in the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Jasmine Eau de Parfum campaign last year.

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And she also partnered with the NFL in 2021 to do a TikTok Tailgate experience. And everyone knows those NFL deals are lucrative AF.

How much is Miley Cyrus' total net worth?

This queen is worth $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Which means that no, she's not richer than Taylor Swift (who is worth a whopping $450 million). She is, however, pulling in the most of anyone else in the Cyrus family, including her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her sister, Noah.

Miley's got a pretty hefty bank account to fall back on when she needs it. Check out "Flowers," out this Friday!

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