Miley Cyrus Did Yoga on a Paddleboard, and It’s Actually So Impressive

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Miley Cyrus did yoga on a paddleboard, a sentence that is so Miley Cyrus I have to type it again: Miley Cyrus did yoga on a paddleboard.

The “Used to Be Young” singer posted a short clip of herself, in black-and-white, moving through a sun salutation while her board drifts across mostly calm waters. That is, like, insanely difficult. She must have the balance of a gymnast and the core strength of a tree. At the end, she smiles triumphantly and picks up her paddle.

She's just being Miley.

Cyrus set the clip to her song “Island” and wrote in the caption, “So close to heaven but so far from everyone” 🌊 Grateful for this #Island & the abundant magic she shared with us. 🦋.” Not sure to what #Island she is referring, but we may find out in due time. Nature, and specifically the water, is a recurring theme in Cyrus's work: Song titles include “Flowers,” “River,” “Malibu,” and, of course, “Island.”

Comments on her post range from admiration at her yoga skills and support for her health journey to a lot of people asking her to speak out about the Middle East, which is a thing celebs don't always know what to say about.

However, we're on Team Impressed. The last time I surfed, I surfed into a screaming French woman's ankle and I think maybe broke it? And one time I pulled a muscle in my back while trying to get a fitted sheet onto my mattress. So, yeah, floating yoga is just about the most awe-inspiring thing I can imagine. Namaste, Miley Cyrus.

Originally Appeared on Glamour