Miles Teller Busts a Move in Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial With His Wife—You're Welcome

The clip offers a 'sneak peak' into life at home with the notoriously private couple.

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry practically broke the internet with their 2023 Super Bowl commercial.

The Top Gun: Maverick star, 35, was joined by his wife of three years and their adorable French bulldog, Bugsy, 6, in the upcoming commercial for Bud Light.

While the full version of the ad won't air until Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12, the beloved beer brand teased the project on YouTube earlier today, and fans got a glimpse at a side of Teller that they've never seen before.

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The video begins with Sperry, 30, sitting on a couch and balancing her phone on her forehead while waiting to speak with a customer service representative. As the hold music plays, a robotic voice approximates her wait time to be a staggering 50 minutes.

But before she could even let out a huff, Teller enters the frame and heads to the fridge for two freshly chilled cans of Bud Light. After passing one to his wife, he breaks out a few dance moves and eventually manages to get both Sperry and Bugsy to join him on the floor.

In conversation with PEOPLE, Teller reflected on his experience with the commercial, expressing sincere gratitude. "It's really been an incredible year for both Keleigh and I, not just professionally, but personally," he said. "So, when Bud Light came and wanted us to be a part of a Super Bowl commercial, I mean, that's the top of the mountain as far as these things go. We always look forward to watching them."

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The actor also explained that part of what excited him most about this project was its concept, saying, "It doesn't even feel like an advertisement, it feels like a slice of life and hopefully it makes people smile." Later, he added that the shot is a pretty accurate depiction of how the couple behaves at home: "You're getting a sneak peek into Keleigh and I hanging out at home, which is pretty much what we do. We don't really go out that much, if at all," he said.

Teller also revealed that the dance moves he busted out in the video were a product of his own creativity. "There's a lot of improv," he told the outlet, noting, "We did go to a rehearsal, just to be professional about it—but in the back of my head I was kind of figuring… I kind of knew the moves I wanted to do."

"It's a moment in time," he concluded. "This is something that we'll be able to show our future kids."

How sweet!

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