Can Miles Sanders fix the Eagles offensive struggles?

FFL Flash Alert - Matt Harmon, Tank Williams and Minty Bets discuss whether or not Miles Sanders will go over/under 89.5 scrimmage yards in week 4 vs. the 49ers.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: All right, let's go to our next over under here, and it's Miles Sanders, the Eagles running back, at 89 and a half yards from scrimmage. I think this is a pretty exciting one. This is a guy right now in Miles Sanders that I think is sort of trending up, so I'll start this one.

I'm going to go over here, and I'm going to go over actually pretty confidently. Number one, yes, the Eagles have been one of the most pass heavy teams in the NFL, but they've been terrible on those plays. They actually have one of the worst success rates-- no, they have 32nd, the worst success rate on passing plays so far this year. So I think there needs to be a change for the Philadelphia Eagles.

I think Miles Sanders needs to be that featured guy right now, so I'm confident he goes over this mark. He's been getting used to the passing game and the rushing game. I love Miles Sanders in this match up. You know, Doug Pederson said fatigue was the reason he didn't get as many touches in the second half last week. Yeah, I've been thinking he needs to saddle him up a little bit more. How about you, Tank, where are you going?

TANK WILLIAMS: Well, I'mma just say it a little bit more candidly, I'm going over as well, but it's because, instead of the nice way you put it, Carson Wentz has been playing like hot doodoo cakes. And I understand that the offensive line has been banged up, like, Reagor's out, Alshon Jeffrey's still out, Goedert's out, and all these other cats.

But the dude just hasn't played well. And with all that being said, Miles Sanders has still gone over that number twice already. And honestly, I feel like Doug Pederson doesn't want to have that tough conversation to Carson Wentz, like, hey, hey, dog, it's not you, it's me. And the only reason he can avoid having that conversation is if Miles Sanders goes over this number today, so I'm going over.

MATT HARMON: I love it. Minty, do we have a sweep here? Are we all over?

MINTY BETS: No, I actually like the under here. I think you guys are hyping Miles Sanders up a little too much. This 49ers Niners defense is allowing the fewest yards per reception, they're not bad against the run. And they're only allowing 15 points per game from their opponents. I think it's going to be tough for Miles Sanders to get there, so I like the under.