Mike “Lottie” Gigliotti Talks Life, Art and Skateboarding in New Vice Series 'Let It Kill You'

If you skate, chances are you remember Lottie’s Skateshop (honestly, whether you live in Southern California or not), and that's because the man behind the shop, Mike Gigliotti did it right from day one.

Mike naturally bridges the gap between art and skateboarding (as many others do), but his approach to both has always turned heads in a unique way. He's just a humble beast! From the shop days to his current design role at Baker, it's safe to say Mike is exactly where he should be. And the first episode of 'Let It Kill You' explains why perfectly. Take a look:

I've always been a big fan of Mike's art and the few times I visited Lotties in LA were super memorable. Not every skate shop feels like a true, honest, core skate shop these days (in fairness, most do, but not all)... but Lotties was exactly that—a core skate shop.

His youthful enthusiasm really shines in his art. A classic mix of talent and a bunch of stuff kids would get detentions for wearing to school. I love it! And I'm sure most of you would agree that that's one part of skateboarding that really attracts us all at a young age—rebellion, humor and that sense of edginess.

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"He can really do everything, art-wise," says Reynolds. "Like, one day it's like a cute little bunny on a cloud... and the next day it's a black metal t-shirt."

And Spanky tacks on, "We could do five brands with what he provides each season."

Mike's creative approach to everything he does is a huge part of what makes him so rad. Simple as that. It's a talent that many people could only hope for, but can't be faked... or taught, for that matter. It's all natural. And he's just getting started.

'Let It Kill You' was created by Ben McQueen and produced by Trevar Cushing. Ryan Townley and Michael Sieben are in line for the next episodes.

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