McDonald's employee divides customers with gross behind-the-scenes video: 'That is actually feral'

Morgan Greenwald

Though McDonald’s has quite a few delicious dishes, one of the chain’s most popular menu items is its fries. These world-famous fries are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with just the right amount of salty seasoning.

According to Inc, McDonald’s serves more than 9 million pounds of french fries on the daily. However, what even the most loyal Mickey D’s customer probably doesn’t realize is that the fryers the restaurant uses to make those famous fries are disgusting.

On May 31, a McDonald’s employee named Drew took to TikTok to reveal just how nasty the fryer situation is.

“In case you ever wanted to get McDonald’s fries again, this is what sits at the bottom of our fryer,” Drew says as he shows viewers a nasty congealed pile of “salt and grease.”

Some people were saddened (and revolted) by Drew’s video.

“Oh to see without my eyes,” one person joked.

“Whyyyyyy,” another person commented.

“That is actually feral,” a third person noted.

However, many devout McDonald’s fans were not even slightly fazed by the gunk at the bottom of the fryer.

“Yeah ima still need my large fry,” one person said.

“Adds flavor,” another person joked.

“It taste good before I watched this and it taste good after,” a third user added.

Fellow fast-food workers noted that the fryer only looks like this when it has been cleaned improperly.

“This happened when I was cleaning once because it wasn’t cleaned for a few days…” one person noted.

“I used to work at McDonald’s and it NEVER looked like this,” another user said.

“My fries don’t touch that & ive worked in fast food,” a third person added. “That ain’t normal.”

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