Miffy & Mikka are the internet’s favorite bunny duo

Mikka and Miffy
Mikka and Miffy

Mikka and Miffy (@bunny.nyc) are fluffy, adorable bunnies who travel around the world spreading joy and positivity one Instagram post at a time. Whether it’s wearing funny costumes or performing a skit, Mikka and Miffy are changing the way people think about bunnies while bringing plenty of smiles along the way.

Mikka and Miffy’s mom, Sami Chen, loved animals as a kid and always knew she wanted animals to be a part of her life. Chen first got Miffy in Taiwan in 2016 while she was a college student, and the timing couldn’t have been better. “I was going through a really tough time with my family and my relationships,” Chen tells In The Know. “The moment I saw him, I knew he was the one.”

Miffy helped Chen realize that she “had a purpose in life,” and the responsibility of taking care of Miffy gave Chen a direction that helped keep her stable, while providing the opportunity to embrace and explore her emotions. “He is really kind and he teaches me how to love unconditionally,” Chen says of her bunny BFF.

Chen says that Miffy was “naughty” when she first got him, but when she moved to the United States in 2018, the pair became closer. “I started to spend more time bonding with him,” says the proud bunny mom.

Once settled in New York, Chen started taking Miffy out for walks in order to help him get more exercise. “People think it’s really off to see a rabbit on a leash going for a walk,” says Chen, who explained that curious pedestrians would always ask her if Miffy had an Instagram account, which is how the @bunny.nyc account first came to be.

“At first it was more for me and for people around me to see Miffy’s daily life and pictures,” Chen tells In The Know. “But through the years we started traveling more and we started making little movies and little series.”

Chen always wanted to get Miffy a bunny companion, and after having a human baby, named Skye, in 2021, Sami brought Mikka into the family, and the two bunnies quickly hit it off. “We do road trips together, we go out together, and they take walks in the stroller together,” shares Chen.

Chen gets inspiration for content from social media, constantly finding videos featuring humans that would be funny if they featured bunnies instead. Chen loves the concept of “bunnies doing human things,” like typing letters or going on a business trip. Chen’s videos are silly and cute, and the bunny mom wants to keep it that way.

“I think people really enjoy my platform because [the bunnies] are really cute, and people don’t have to think about politics or what’s going on outside in the world, and can just focus on cute bunnies,” she says. “I like to see when my videos make people’s day.”

Beyond starring in adorable videos, Chen also hopes that Miffy and Mikka can help educate viewers on the amazing potential of bunnies as pets.

“I’m hoping to have more people understand rabbits and know how smart and sweet they are, and also spread more happiness and love,” says Chen. “I really enjoy everything with them.”

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