Middle TN florists see change in supply and demand ahead of Mother’s Day as orders pour in

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and one of the top gifts to buy is, not surprisingly, flowers. Local florists told News 2 they are noticing trends as the orders pour in before the big day.

Consumers are expected to spend nearly $34 billion on Mother’s Day this year – or around $250 a family – according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). The NRF projects 74% of that spending will go toward one gift in particular: flowers.

Orders are already well underway at Geny’s Flowers on Charlotte Avenue in Nashville. The shop is not only a store, but also a wholesale location, so prepping for the holiday has multiple layers.

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“We probably get between like seven and nine orders a day for delivery, and then probably four or five pickups, but definitely for Mother’s Day, we definitely get a lot more than that,” said Mary Margaret Braley, the customer service manager for Geny’s Flowers. “We order our flowers two weeks in advance, but, I mean, there’s probably a month or two before that just planning what our arrangements are going to look like and what the flowers are going to be.”

In previous years, florists have battled supply chain issues to the COVID-19 pandemic and flower shortages, but the floral manager of Geny’s Flowers, Angela Shook, told News 2 they’re seeing a supply and demand change due to something different, and it’s causing the floral industry to blossom.

“I would say there are shortages, but I would say it’s mostly due to people joining the floral world. I feel like post-COVID, a lot of people are re-examining what brings them joy and happiness, and I think that’s flowers for a lot of people, which is awesome,” said Shook.

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Floral-related hobbies have seen a steady uptick across the country over the last few years. U.S. Department of Agriculture data shows annual sales within the country’s commercial flower industry increased by 16% from 2019 to 2021.

“We’re one of the only wholesalers in Nashville that has supplies like melamine dishes, oasis, wire, tape. Those are things that are pretty specific to our business, so we have a lot of designers who will come in because they want to create something and they know they can find it here, so if there’s a shortage in the shop, it’s because the demand has gotten so high,” Shook explained.

Despite the budding trend of hobby florists, Shook said the increase in the industry is one that should be embraced.

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“You have so many other people now who are joining it and so many unique ideas coming to the table that it’s actually, it’s really exciting,” Shook told News 2. “It’s not so much like competition as it is ‘Where could this go in the next 10 years?'”

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