The Mid South announces the “Get Here” grant

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This article originally appeared on Velo News

The organizers of The Mid South have announced a grant opportunity designed to help break down financial barriers to participating.

The “Get Here” grant will award free entry to an athlete’s choice of race category and distance in The Mid South 2023, travel to and from Stillwater, lodging, and a $500 stipend for expenses during race weekend.

Currently, the grant will support 10 athletes.

"Everyone is welcome at The Mid South, but not everyone has the resources to fully participate in The Mid South," said event manager Sally Turner. "We have a deep desire to eliminate economic barriers to entry.”

The 2023 Mid South is scheduled for March 9-12 and includes 100-, 50- and, 12-mile bike options, a 50K Ultra Marathon, and the Double: a 50K run and 100-mile

Race director Bobby Wintle is well-known for his desire to create an inclusive and welcoming event. The “Get Here” grant is a step in addressing what, for many, is a huge obstacle in participating in gravel races.

"Financial access to events like ours across the country is prohibitive to quite a few people who would love to experience this, whether it’s travel, food, lodging, registration fees, or something else," Wintle said. "This is our first step in addressing what we see as financial barriers to participating in The Mid South."

Interested riders and runners can submit their information from October 14-31 through a form on The Mid South website. Winners will be announced on on November 4.

General registration for the 2023 race opens at 8 a.m. CST October 5 and lasts until 11:59 p.m. CST October 7. The Mid South uses a registration format called The Randomizer, a lottery-style selection process, and riders will be notified of their selection status on October 13.

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