Microsoft is down so we won't be working today, bye gorgeous xoxo

microsoft outlook and teams down for thousands around the world
Microsoft's down so we won't be working, bye babesOscar Wong - Getty Images

If you'd thought about pulling a sickie today, then you're in luck, as a major Microsoft outage may mean you've won a free day off work! Vibe.

In fact, tens of thousands of users globally have reported being unable to access Microsoft services, including Teams and Outlook as well as XBox Live, with 5,000 people in the UK reporting the issue on Downdetector – which tracks website outages.

Microsoft has said it is investigating the outage, telling users in a statement that it had "isolated the problem to networking configuration issues" and was analysing the "best mitigation strategy to address these without causing additional impact".

With so many of us relying on Microsoft devices and applications for work – to put it into perspective, Microsoft Teams is used by more than 280 million people globally – people took to social media to share their thoughts on the outage.

"Microsoft Teams and Outlook are down. What a lovely Wednesday!" one person tweeted, with someone else saying: "Microsoft Teams is down and no outrage on Twitter. Despite 280 million using it... everyone is just quiet, nobody want work."

Other people weren't so thrilled, especially those who'd already booked the day off work. "Microsoft Teams and Outlook are down according to Twitter," one person wrote. "WHY DOES THIS ONLY HAPPEN ON MY DAYS OFF?!"

Here's a few more of our fave reactions to Microsoft being down...

According to Downdetector, issues with Microsoft have also been reported in many other countries around the world, with thousands of reports in India and Japan too.

BRB, off to have a bath and bingewatch Netflix...

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