Microblading Your Brows For The First Time? This Is What To Expect

·2 min read

Permanent beauty solutions are extremely intimidating, especially when it comes to tattooing your face. Microblading has gained a strong following for its natural look and low maintenance upkeep. The semi-permanent tattoo gives the illusion of a fuller brow, practically eliminating the need to use your trusty filler.

Nicky Davis first became curious about the procedure after a coworker came in with microbladed brows looking all kinds of flawless. “I found myself, just like, staring at her eyebrows the whole day and so then I was like, I should probably do this.” Davis has made filling in her brows a part of her daily routine for a decade. Since then, she spends anywhere from a few minutes to over 10 minutes evening out her brows, but the empowering look gives Davis confidence throughout the day. “It allows me to take up space in a way that I never really thought I could when I was a kid.”

Nicky loves her full brow look, but she’s still a little on edge about the microblading procedure. “Before I have this done, one of the things I'm nervous about is whether there are any risks involved, if there are any reactions that I might have, and then how do I take care of it after it's done.” Lindsey with MLA Microblading puts Nicky at ease about her very valid fears. “In my career, I've seen over 40,000 procedures and no allergic reactions, everything we use is something you process through your body every day,” says Lindsey. “I'm not saying it cannot happen but it is very rare.” To prepare, Lindsey maps out exactly what Nicky’s brows should look like with thread. Once she’s created a template, it’s time to get started. Follow Nicky’s treatment from start to finish and see her reaction to the final look.

Originally Appeared on Allure