Mickey Rourke Surprise-Revealed Himself Last Night on Season 4 of 'The Masked Singer'

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Mickey Rourke Surprise-Revealed Himself Last Night on Season 4 of 'The Masked Singer'
Mickey Rourke Surprise-Revealed Himself Last Night on Season 4 of 'The Masked Singer'


In 2020, we all need some reminders that the world is still turning. Yes, that thought is a particularly dark one, but we'll take what we can get. Somehow, the idea that people still go on live TV to do completely ridiculous things, such as sing in absurd costumes, brings about some kind of deranged sense of comfort. Season 4 of Fox's The Masked Singer premieres tonight, and we have one more show to keep us distracted from the garbage fire burning around us. In fact, on episode one, the show was introduced as "TV's craziest show at the time we need it the most." Host Nick Cannon made a mask joke immediately: Finally we have something fun involving masks."

The costumes this season are…what's the word? Intriguing. Sure, let's go with that. There's a dragon, a pair of very Rocky Horror Picture Show lips, a giraffe dressed like a founding father, a jellyfish that also resembles some kind swamp creature, a mushroom, a box of popcorn, a snow owl with two heads, something called a “squiggly monster,” a “Whatcha Macallit,” “The Gremlin,” and…the Sun.

They'll be a handful for judges Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy, all of whom are returning with host Nick Cannon.

Here are the celebrities who have been revealed behind the mask each week, starting with tonight: Week 1.

The People Behind the Masks

Week 4

Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

Baby Alien was revealed to be former NFL player and sports commentator Mark Sanchez, who absolutely none of the panelists guessed. McCarthy thought Baby Alien might be Nick Kroll, Jeong thought it was Freddy Prinze, Jr., and Thicke guessed Jason Biggs. Scherzinger thought the alien could be comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham.

When Sanchez revealed himself, everyone was shocked. But then he charmed the panelists by saying the best part of the show was "sharing this experience with my little man." His son, who's just a toddler, was the main reason behind Sanchez's retirement in 2019. The panel was pretty impressed with his ventriloquist skills, though. Maybe he has a future there!

Week 3

Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

We found out the person behind the Giraffe mask is absolutely not anyone from the Hamilton cast. Instead, it's Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox's longtime on-again-off-again husband (they're currently off; Fox is with Machine Gun Kelly). There was a major "fox" detail, and the panelists did bring up Transformers. But no one guessed Green. Poor guy's had a rough year—someone show him some love.

Week 2

In an unprecedented moment on the show, Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, who was disguised as the Gremlin, took his mask off of his own volition, effectively eliminating himself from the show. "No, I want to take this off right now," Rourke said, his voice still disguised under his mask. The panelists didn't seem to know anything about this surprise reveal. "What's happening?," Jenny McCarthy asked. "It's not that part of the show yet!," Cannon exclaimed, as he made a show of trying to keep Rourke's mask on.

And then, we saw him. "I was in the neighborhood," Rourke said, when Cannon asked why he joined the show. Classic.

Week 1

So, uh, Jeong thought The Dragon was Michael Phelps, because of a vague reference to "gold" in the clue package. But there was no way this deep, husky, clearly rap-adjacent voice belonged to anyone other than actual, professional rapper Busta Rhymes. Scherzinger and Thicke both guessed the man behind the dragon was Busta; Nick Cannon put his vote toward the rapper, too. And they were right. Sorry, Michael Phelps. Your rapping career is…probably never going to happen.

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