How a Michigan Man Accidentally Won Over 400K in the Lottery

Michigan's Big Ca$h 2nd Chance Jackpot

One Michigan man is now $400,000 richer, thanks to a lottery drawing he didn't even know he entered.

The unsuspecting winner from Kalamazoo County was selected in a random drawing for Michigan Lottery's BIG CA$H Second Chance giveaway last month, earning him a $416,322 prize—which he wasn't expecting at all.

"I play games online a lot, but I had no idea I was earning entries into a second chance giveaway when playing certain games," said the 67-year-old man, who asked to remain anonymous. "I saw an email from the Michigan Lottery saying I’d won a $416,322 second chance prize and I figured it was a scam email since I didn’t enter a giveaway."

But after contacting the Michigan Lottery, the man was informed that his prize was very much legit—talk about a pleasant surprise!

"When I called the Michigan Lottery, I realized I’d been earning entries without even knowing it," he said. "I still can’t believe this is real. It is a crazy feeling to win such a large Lottery prize!"

The player recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim his winnings, which he plans to share with his family before putting away the remainder for saving.

It's not the first time a lucky winner has been completely unaware of their lottery winnings in recent months, as a Massachusetts man recently won a $1 million prize on a ticket he didn't even know was missing.

Khalil Soussa of Medford, Mass. almost missed his chance to cash in on the giant prize after purchasing a winning lottery ticket months ago, a ticket that wasn't unearthed until his house cleaner stumbled across it.

Last month, Soussa's house cleaner found the ticket in a vase while cleaning the house. After realizing it was a winning ticket, Soussa was still able to claim his prize—and hopefully gave his house cleaner a cut of the winnings!

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