A Michelin-starred chef shared an easy 3-minute egg recipe that can be made in the microwave

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chef jose andres
Chef José Andrés says he loves cooking with eggs. Ethan Miller/Staff/Getty Images
  • Chef José Andrés shared his quick, virtually no-mess method for a simple snack or meal.

  • He says the key is to combine mayo with eggs to get them to have a silky smooth texture.

  • He said this dish shouldn't take longer than three minutes to make, including prep time.

José Andrés is an award-winning celebrity chef, philanthropist, and lover of eggs in all forms - poached, scrambled, boiled, and even microwaved.

In a recent interview with Insider about his partnership with Hellmann's, he told Insider that one thing that gives him joy in the kitchen is cleaning out his refrigerator and making a meal with whatever he finds. That includes eggs and mayonnaise.

Andrés said that during the height of the pandemic, after his wife had just cleaned the house, she would tell him not to make a mess in the kitchen. But, of course, the chef can't stop himself from whipping up a midday snack.

So, on one of those clean-kitchen days, he said he'd turn to the microwave.

"I whisk one full spoon of the mayo [with eggs], and I whisk it until they become like a nice cream," Andrés told Insider.

Then, he'd drizzle olive oil on the bottom of a glass, microwave-safe container, and pour in the egg mixture.

jose andres
The chef says adding mayo to eggs makes them silkier in texture. Gustavo Caballero/Staff/Getty Images

He says home cooks can dig through their fridges and add little bits of whatever leftovers they have to the dish - avocado, cheese, even extra bits of hard-boiled eggs will do, he said.

"You put it in the microwave for - depends on the power of the microwave - around one minute and 45 seconds to two minutes and 15 seconds," he said. The chef recommends either flipping the finished dish upside-down onto a plate or eating it straight out of the glass container.

But before you dive in, he suggests topping the silky smooth meal with balsamic, avocado, chopped tomato, or whatever you'd like. "So it's like an upside-down omelet," he said.

"This is great for students in dorms and places like that," Andrés said, emphasizing the need for only a microwave as a means of actually cooking the protein. It's also ideal for anyone on the go, as it takes less than three minutes total.

Andrés is working with Hellmann's on a campaign to get more home cooks to look into the depths of their refrigerators and use what they have to make something delicious. It's a practice he has been living by forever, he told Insider, and this recipe is a way to get others excited about it as well.

"If you've never cooked before in your life, you're going to be successful," the Michelin-starred chef said. "And if you don't want to make a mess in your kitchen, it really works."

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