Michael Imperioli's Apartment Looks Like a White Lotus Hotel

Have you ever wondered where The Sopranos's Christopher Motisanti lives in real life? If you guessed New York City, you’d be correct. Michael Imperioli, the actor who helmed the role, has lived in Manhattan for most of his life. But if you thought his digs resembled that of his mafia-member character, think again. If anything, the actor’s home looks like a set from his most recent claim to fame, The White Lotus.

Imperioli recently welcomed Architectural Digest’s team into his home for a tour. The apartment is ornately decorated from wall to wall—with Sicilian-inspired decor, bold colors, a book collection that even Hemingway would be jealous of, and of course, a meditation room. Imperoli credits his wife, Victoria Imperioli, who is a seasoned set designer, with curating their apartment. Step inside (or watch the video below) and you’ll be greeted with renaissance paintings, velvet couches, and precious family mementos. “It’s all her vision,” Imperioli explained.

“It’s always like an element of fantasy and New York’s a busy place, and you know, this takes you away from that to someplace otherworldly, and homey,” he continued. The apartment he and his wife own was once a hotel suite. “It was kind of like, a residential hotel,” he explained. “You’d stay for a long time, I guess.” Though now fit for a modern couple, their home sticks to the building's roots and appears fit for a wealthy traveler. “We kind of like that vibe,” Imperioli said, as shots of golden chandeliers and precious artwork flashed across the screen.

Ultimately, the space is like a time capsule, filled to the brim with their family's history and interests. Imperioli even confirmed there’s not a trace of modern artwork in the house. Instead, they opted for pieces that feel like they belong at the MoMA—which, judging from their view of Central Park, can’t be too far away. According to Imperioli, the ornate design is “comforting.”

Of all the interesting nooks and crannies their home has to offer, the meditation room takes the cake. The space was originally a walk-in closet, but the Imperiolis converted it into a shrine. Decorated wall to wall with Buddhist art, the room provides a spiritual escape from the outside world. Imperioli declined to host a session during the tour (nice try, AD!) but if you're interested, he frequently live-streams classes from his apartment. Fancy meditation room, not required.

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