Michael Cudlitz On Being a '90s Dad, 'Clarice,' and Why Parents Need Scary Shows

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The Walking DeadSouthlandBand of BrothersCBS drama Clarice.Silence of the LambsClaricenotFatherly(No spoilers for Clarice ahead!) I was a child of the nineties. What is it like to do a ’90s period piece right now? Thomas Harris novelsSo it’s basically a progressive cop show set in the Silence of the Lambs fictional universe.Clarice.” Is it hard to do a 2021 cop show set in the ’90s?So, you were a parent of young children in the nineties —late ’90s Fair enough! The question is, what did parents of young children now miss out on being a parent in the ’90s? What’s better for parents now? What’s worse?Did you feel like you had to immerse yourself in the ’90s? Like I dunno jam out to some Oasis or Nirvana or something?everythingIt seems like there’s a connection between Paul Krendler (in Clarice) and some of your other characters on Southland or The Walking Dead. Do you feel like there’s a “type of guy” you get typecast as?SouthlandClarice is a scary show. Walking Dead is a scary show. Why do parents stay up late and watch scary shows after the kids are asleep? This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.Clarice airs on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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