Michael Bublé Makes Dig at Tony Danza Amid the Actor's Recent Controversy

You're not going to "Sway" Michael Bublé's opinion on this situation.

The "Everything" singer weighed in on Tony Danza's recent controversial interview, which took place at the April 26 premiere of Broadway's New York, New York. For those who may've missed it, the Who's the Boss? actor was caught being short with a reporter who asked him Big Apple-centric questions—and Bublé was clearly not a fan of the actor's behavior.

In the comments section of the now-viral video, the crooner commented, "I think you’re amazing Ry. I’ll have a pizza with ya. Let’s not invite Tony…."

This show of support really resonated with the reporter, named Rye Myers, who gushed in response, "Omg Michael, thank you for the kind comment. Means so much! I’d LOVE to have pizza with you! It would be fun!"


As a red carpet reporter, I’m here to help bring excitement to your event and promote it! I LOVE chatting with Broadway and Entertainment’s best as “Your Broadway & Entertainment BFF!” I understand not everyone is in the mood to answer questions, and you can always pass. I asked these same questions (and a few others!) to heavy hitters like #JoelGray #linmanuelmiranda and others, and only #TonyDanza replied like this…. To say I was blown away, shocked, and embarrassed is an understatement…But, my professionalism showed through! 😉 #tonydanza #wtfmoments #celebrityencounters #rude #nypost #pagesix #tmznews #whostheboss #redcarpet #redcarpetreporter #shockingmoments #rudecelebrities #slapintheface #celebritynews

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The exchange called out a moment in the interview where Myers asked the 72-year-old which New York staple he liked best: Pizza or a hot dog.

Rather than answer the question, Danza responded, "You know what you’ve got to do, buddy? You’ve got to come up with better questions."

He then walked away, bringing producer Jamie deRoy with him and commenting, "Come on, let's go."

Myers noted in his caption of the upload, "To say I was blown away, shocked, and embarrassed is an understatement…But, my professionalism showed through!"

He also tagged the interview, "#rude" and "#rudecelebrities."

Not only did the encounter not sit well with the reporter, but TikTok users also sounded off on the exchange. One follower remarked, "He’s showed his true colors a condescending azzhole but you handled it with humor and grace!! Bravo to you."

Another chimed in, "That was so unkind it made me uncomfortable. I love your personality! I bet you’re so nice to hang out with!"

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