Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors & Tessa Thompson Test How Well They Know Each Other

How well do the 'Creed III' cast members know each other? Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors and Tessa Thompson put their knowledge to the test in this episode of Vanity Fair Game Show! If Tessa was a drink, what would she be? What's Jonathan's go-to party trick? What does the B in Michael B. Jordan stand for?Creed III is now in theaters.Director: Funmi SunmonuDirector of Photography: Matt KruegerEditor: Sammy CorintoCelebrity Talent: Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Jonathan MajorsLine Producer: Romeeka PowellAssociate Producer: Emebeit BeyeneProduction Manager: Andressa Pelachi, Kevin BalashTalent Booker: Paige GarbariniCamera Operator: Lucas VilicichAudio: Paul CornettProduction Assistants: Ariel Labasan, Phil ArlissPost Production Supervisor: Edward TaylorPost Production Coordinator: Jovan JamesSupervising Editor: Kameron KeyAssistant Editor: Marisa DeMarini