Miami Woman Reunites With Lost Dog After 10 Years in Incredible Twist of Fate

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The best news came out of Miami over the weekend when the Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared a story of how a woman was reunited with her beloved dog, ten whole years after the dog had gone missing to begin with!

This whole wonderful story is just a perfect example of why microchipping your pets is so important.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay explained on Facebook that a cockapoo showed up at the shelter as a stray and her microchip led the team to Luisa who was in disbelief when they called, because Cleo (as we learned was her name), had run away TEN YEARS AGO! They never lost hope and continued to update her microchip in the small hope that they would be reunited, even after they moved to Miami!

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The shelter goes on to say they drove up Saturday to reclaim her and we couldn't be happier for them.

This is such a good reminder to microchip your dog, and what the family did that was so smart is they continued to update their information.

You can do this for your own dog by identifying the microchip database or registry where your dog's information is stored. This should be either in your vet records or on the paperwork you received when you first got your dog microchipped. There are several national and international databases that maintain microchip records, such as the American Animal Hospital AssociationHomeAgain, and PetLink.

What To Do if Your Lose Your Dog

Losing your dog can be such a scary experience, but the good news is that according to the ASPCA, 93 percent of lost dogs are eventually recovered, and 90 percent of them are found within the first 12 hours.

One thing you can do is have your dog microchipped, so that if they are lost and they end brought to a vet it can be determined that you are the actual owner. Like in the story above, update the information with the microchip company on a regular basis.  Make sure your dog always wears a collar with your name and contact information on it. It's also a good idea to take current photographs of your dog in case they do go missing, and photographs of you with your dog in case you need further proof of ownership.

Contact friends and family immediately, the non-emergency number of your local police department, as well as your veterinarian, your local Humane Society and Animal Shelters, and make postings on social media lost and found groups for your area.

Create flyers with your contact information plus a current photo of your pet and distribute them to local businesses and neighbors.

If your dog has a keen nose, they might be able to sniff their way back to you. Take something that smells like you, such as a worn shirt, a blanket, a toy, or a crate. Leave the items where you last saw your dog.

Hopefully your dog will be at home with you safe and sound in no time!

If you would like to learn more about the Tampa bay Humane Society, or see all the wonderful animals they have for adoption, or to volunteer or make a donation, you can visit their website here.

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