This Meyer Lemon Aperitif Is Quickly Becoming My Go-To Summer Cocktail

If I'm going to have a cocktail during the summer, it has to be light and refreshing. Think something you'd sip poolside or order in an open-air European cafe. Basically, if it's not ice cold and bubbly, I don't want it.

Enter Le Moné , a low-alcohol Meyer lemon aperitif that's practically perfect for hot days. Made with New York-grown grapes fortified with brandy, sweetened with agave, and infused with Meyer lemon, Le Moné has just 29.5 calories per ounce - about half the calories you'll find in more traditional aperitifs - and 16 percent ABV. In fact, the reduced calorie count and alcohol level were intentional: Le Moné's creators wanted to create a satisfying, citrusy beverage that wouldn't leave you with a sugar- and booze-induced hangover.

The result? Even after my husband and I spent an evening taste-testing three flavors - original Meyer lemon ; lemon, raspberry, and lavender ; and lemon cucumber - neither of us felt any worse for wear the next morning. I'll raise a glass to that any day! Keep reading for a full review of each of the flavors in the Le Summer Pack , plus how I'll be serving them this summer.

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