Mexico Shelter in Path of Erupting Volcano Is Desperate to Move Their 300 Dogs

TikTok user @travel.dogs recently traveled to Mexico following the news that the Popocatépetl volcano was dispersing ash. She wanted to get there before it was too late and help since her Toronto-based non-profit works closely with Mexican animal shelters called The Dog-Go Project and Funkytown in Puebla.

These shelters are in desperate need of rehousing the animals as they can only bring a certain amount of dogs and cats to a new, safe location in Mexico City. This TikToker is turning to social media to get these precious babies to foster or forever homes. Take a look.

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Ugh, this is absolutely gut-wrenching. This shelter is in crisis mode as they have over 300 dogs and 50 cats in their care, but they only have room to move 90 dogs and 30 cats. Although the shelter is two hours from the volcano, they don't want to risk it because then the concern becomes what if people evacuate and can't let the animals out or if stores close, how will they get food and water? They need the help now.

"I wish I could help house them!! I hope the right people come across this video," said @divinecomposition. SAME! If we could take them all we would in a heartbeat. But since we can't, even just spreading the word can help save these precious babies.

This TikToker is specifically looking for adopters in Ontario and British Columbia where they can send the dogs to shelters in those areas. Please visit the Meals for Mutts website to get in contact, or reach out to one of their partner shelters as well. Any help will truly go a long way.

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