Meteorologist Weighs In On Why Snowstorm In Colorado Could 'Boom Or Bust'

Meteorologist Chris Bianchi for 9 News saw a snowstorm in Denver, CO's forecast, and he upped the ante to write that snow totals nudging up to 8-14" were most likely.

The "bust" scenario would be rain mixing lasts into Thursday morning, which he deemed possible but unlikely. Today, he tweeted that if the rain continues to mix until Thursday morning, Denver may end up on the low side of snow totals (5-8 inches).

The good news is that there is a ton of moisture with this storm, meaning that snow totals could be high. Bianchi says, "it'd be stupid to rule out 15"+ in Denver. I don't think it happens, but it's possible if we're just a tick colder than modeling."

As seen in his graphic, there is a 60% chance of snow Wednesday night, where Denver could see between 8-14 inches. On Thursday, there is a 20% chance of 3-7 inches, and on Friday morning, there is a 20% chance of 15-20 inches.

Below his graphic and tweet, Bianchi wrote that increased confidence in these snow levels "owes no real questions about the moisture now. It's there."

Bianchi also reminded us that while this storm is not predicted to fall in "quite Pi Day '21 levels... this is a beast of a storm."

The Pi Day Blizzard produced a whopping 27.1 inches of snow in Denver and was the fourth largest storm on record since 1882. 

Even if this storm produces a fraction (pun intended) of the snow Denver saw years ago on Pi Day, it would be fantastic for skiers and resorts across the state.

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