The Mess-Free Trick For Easily Transporting Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies on wire rack
Chocolate chip cookies on wire rack - Thecrimsonmonkey/Getty Images

When you make delicious homemade cookies, you want to see the delight on your friends and family's faces when they take a bite, so preserving the perfect texture and pretty appearance of your treats is essential. If you're taking cookies to a dinner party or other gathering, you may worry about them crumbling or getting squashed during the drive. Even if you find yourself maneuvering through sharp turns and sudden stops in the car, there's a way to make sure your precious cookies remain intact, rather than sliding around and getting smashed.

The trick for mess-free cookie transportation is surprisingly simple: Place your cookies on a plate with a paper towel or napkin below them and a tight layer of plastic wrap over top. In addition to this trick, there are extra steps you can take to make sure your cookies can withstand a trip in the car, including a surefire method for transporting large batches of cookies, rather than just a plateful or two.

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The Trick That Will Protect Your Cookies

Peanut butter cookies on plate
Peanut butter cookies on plate - Alena_Kos/Shutterstock

Keep your freshly-baked cookies in place by laying a napkin or kitchen towel on top of a plate before placing them on top. However, make sure you let the cookies cool completely first. Once you take them out of the oven, let them sit on the counter until they reach room temperature. Warm cookies are more soft, delicate, and prone to crumbling, so already-soft treats like peanut butter cookies will especially benefit from this tip. Any add-ins like chocolate chips will also stick to the plastic wrap if they're still melty, so cool those chocolate chip cookies, too.

Next, cover the whole plate in plastic wrap and seal it tightly, but not so tight that your cookies get squished. The napkin or towel makes the surface of the plate much less slippery, providing some traction to prevent the cookies from moving. Secure your plate of cookies in one of the least bumpy places in your car, and you'll be worry-free as you drive your treats to their destination.

How To Transport Big Batches Of Cookies

Cookies in a bakery box
Cookies in a bakery box - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

What if you want to bring a lot of cookies to another place? Rather than a plate, you'll want to use a vessel that's more sturdy and can hold more cookies. If you don't have big bakery boxes or a large enough Tupperware around, you can use a tin pan or corrugated box. These can be purchased from most dollar stores or supermarkets.

As you place your cookies into the containers, you should use parchment or wax paper to separate them so they don't stick together. Arrange a row or layer of cookies in the box, place a sheet of paper on the surface of the cookies, then move on to your next row or layer. If you're worried about the cookies sticking to the tin itself, lay a paper towel at the bottom of the box before adding the cookies.

Another ingenious trick is to line the trunk of your car with bath towels. This works in a similar manner to using a napkin on a plate. The towels make the floor of your trunk less slippery and hold the boxes in place as you drive. Just make sure to arrange your containers so they're perfectly flat and steady, with no risk of toppling. Your cookies will reach their destination in perfect condition, ready to be savored by everyone.

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