Meringue floaties are the TikTok trend that will take your coffee to the next level

What could be more delightful than looking down at your beverage and seeing an assortment of adorable, bite-size figures floating around? All over TikTok, tiny meringue-made animals and objects, known as floaties, are swimming in various drinks, thanks to Amy (@cookingwithamyy), a self-taught baker from the Netherlands whose floaties initially sparked the viral food trend. If you’re looking to add some playfulness to your basic cup of coffee or hot cocoa, here are five over-the-top-cute recipes for mini meringue floaties to get you started.

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1. Snorlax Pokémon floaties

While most Pokémon like to sleep in their Poké balls, these Snorlax prefer to snooze in a hot beverage. TikToker @bridezilla__bakes begins by piping a small light blue meringue circle onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Next, she fills in the center with white meringue before piping two white meringue dots at the bottom of the oval. Finally, after baking for 90 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, she uses a fine-tipped food marker to draw the Pokémon’s sleepy face.

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2. Donut floaties

Coffee and donuts have never looked better together. Start by beating together sugar and eggs. Next, divide the mixture into separate piping bags for the different colors of each part of the donut. Next, pipe small rings of light brown meringue on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then, pipe smaller rings of white meringue over the brown circles. Top the donuts off with a few sprinkles before baking at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes.

3. Egg floaties

Your friends will crack up over this optical food illusion. First, make the meringue from beaten egg whites, sugar and lemon juice. Next, divide the meringue into two separate bowls, and add yellow food coloring to one. Pipe a circle of white meringue onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then add a smaller circle of yellow meringue to the center. Bake at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 to 70 minutes before cracking one in your tea.

4. Fox floaties

These fox floaties sure are clever! TikToker @cookingwithamyy begins making each fox’s body from a curved dollop of light orange meringue. Next, she pipes on a few small blobs of white meringue to create the fox’s tail and ears. The feet and other fine details are made with black meringue before Amy uses a skewer to sculpt the meringue to make it look more like a fox. Once they’re baked at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes, these foxes are ready for a dip in your coffee.

5. Winnie the Pooh floaties

You don’t need a hundred-acre forest to hang out with the cast of Winnie the Pooh, thanks to these Pooh-themed floaties. First, @funcakes_be_creative uses blobs of yellow, pink, orange and blue-gray meringue to form Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. Next, they use a skewer to mold and fill in the finer details of each character before baking them for 90 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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