All of the Menswear We've Clocked on The Last of Us So Far

The chokehold that The Last of Us has on the menswear community is a surprise, to say the least. From western-inspired denim shirts to burly waxed jackets, people (including us) are going nuts identifying the clothing from a show where clothing seems to play a backseat to pretty much everything else.

HBO's television adaptation of the hit video game features a delightfully craggy Pedro Pascal doing his best as Joel Miller in a post-apocalyptic world, where cannibals run rampant amid a fungal-induced pandemic. So, no, we weren't expecting The Last of Us to yield a gold mine of outfit inspiration, and yet, here we are. In case you're looking to cosplay as Joel Miller, or just want to add some rugged, durable workwear to your rotation, we compiled a handy guide to the best menswear featured on the show thus far.

The Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket

Flint and Tinder flannel-lined waxed trucker jacket in havana

$298.00, Huckberry

Huckberry's in-house brand, Flint and Tinder, is behind Joel's main outerwear piece. The jacket was featured prominently in HBO's promo images for The Last of Us, and on the show you can see it in all its beat-up glory. The wax lining isn't guaranteed to withstand the bite from a clicker, but it will hold up to rain, snow, sleet, and pretty much everything else—plus, the flannel lining is like wearing a nice little blanket outside.

The Flint and Tinder Western Shirt (Well, Kinda)

Flint and Tinder western shirt

$158.00, Huckberry

At the start of the greatest love story ever told on TV, Miller's wearing a very distressed western denim button-up, a Walmart-exclusive that has, naturally, since sold out. Although you can't buy the exact garment anymore, you can get something very similar from Flint and Tinder, which feels like a brand Miller would likely own a lot of.

The Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boots

Irish Setter Elk Tracker style 861

$240.00, Irish Setter

These boots were made for more than walking. Gear Patrol identified Miller's boots as Irish Setter's Elk Trackers, which was confirmed by Summers. The distressed and hard-hitting boots make the perfect footwear of choice for dudes trekking across the country without a car.

The Crossley T-shirt

Crossley T-shirt

$123.00, Yoox

Pre-apocalypse, Miller was a contractor, so we're not entirely confident he'd be wearing these Italian-made Crossley T-shirts. But, this is a television show, and Summers confirmed that he was, in fact, wearing these extremely pricey tees. The costume department copped 30 of them for the series—Summers was a fan of their worn-in feel fresh out of the box.

The Levi's 505s

Levi's 505 regular fit jeans

$70.00, Levi

Summers let us in on the fact that Miller rocks a pair of Levi's 505s, a classic straight-leg style for a classic guy. No slim fits or chinos for our zombie-fighting hero.

The Fjällräven Button-Up

Fjällräven Fjällglim shirt

$110.00, Fjällräven

Props to the folks at The Strategist—this shirt ID was epic. Summers tells the website that the flannel shirt is from Fjällräven, but the costume department altered it to have two chest pockets instead of the zip pocket so that it'd look more like the shirt that Miller wears in the game. The shirt, which originally appears in episode three, was actually worn by Murray Bartlett's Frank before Miller takes the shirt after Frank and his partner Bill die. It's also the shirt that (spoiler alert) Miller's wearing when he's stabbed in the torso in episode six.

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