Men are sharing stories of the times they've walked out of dates

From Cosmopolitan

We all know dating can be a minefield, and that getting out of a bad date can be a tricky thing to navigate. I'm sure most of us have been on a date and thought, I wish I could just walk out right now. Most of us don't do that because social rules dictate we must be polite. But it turns out there are some people who have no qualms about walking out of a date when it's not going well. These men are sharing the reasons why they've left dates. And TBH, some are kind of fair enough.

1. "I took a gal to Starbucks, bought us both a drink so we could sit and talk. About five minutes into it she takes a phone call from a co-worker, puts it on speakerphone and begins to savagely shit talk everyone the two work with. The barista at the counter asks her to take the call off speaker as people were trying to study, and she proceeds to argue with the barista. I instantly got up and apologised to the barista on my way out of the store. I didn't message her, didn't hear from her." [via]

2. "She just kept talking about work endlessly. I tried to change topics by asking if she had any hobbies. Nope. She just ranted about how work wouldn't let her pursue any. She kept on talking about herself, how tired she was because of work, and basically made it seem like she was doing me a favour by coming out on this date. She did not even ask me any questions. Every now and then would check her phone and nod at me, saying 'hmm' and 'yeah pretty much'. I made up an excuse, and left." [via]

Photo credit: JAG IMAGES
Photo credit: JAG IMAGES

3. "She raged at the waiters for cutting a piece of meat wrong. She raged at me for trying to help. I apologised to the waiters and bailed leaving her with the bill." [via]

4. "She casually referred to our waitress as the N word. I said nothing, stood up and left." [via]

5. "Matched with her on a dating app and we bonded over our shared love of food. She mentioned not having gone to any good restaurants in town so I decided to take her to a really nice place, as I had just got my tax rebate and could afford a £200 meal. She talked with me and was engaged right up to when she ordered her food: an appetiser, wine, dinner, a second dinner for lunch the next day and dessert. After her order was placed she took out her phone and spent the next 20 minutes just browsing Instagram while I tried to talk with her. I excused myself to the bathroom and instead talked to the waitress. I got her to cancel my meal and dessert - I had only had my appetiser at that point. I paid what I owed and the 20% tip for the whole thing and then left. My phone blew up about five minutes later when the waitress told her what was up." [via]

6. "She showed up with three of her friends, and I was expected to buy ALL of them dinner. I snuck out, leaving them with the bill." [via]

7. "It was on my second date with the girl. She invited me to the movies. When we were waiting for the movie to start she read a message on her phone, and with a beautiful smile told me, 'My parents are joining us for the movie, I want to introduce you. Maybe they will invite you to Christmas.' It was August and the fucking second date! I told her that I was not interested in meeting her parents and that I was going home." [via]

8. "I have a severe stutter, and every time I began to lock up, she used it as an opportunity to interrupt. I politely told her that it was one of my biggest pet peeves, but she just deflected and kept doing it. For the record, I've quit jobs over that. If people can't respect me enough to let me finish a goddamn sentence, they don't need to be in my life." [via]

Photo credit: Rafael Graf / EyeEm
Photo credit: Rafael Graf / EyeEm

9. "I went on a date with a girl that brought her sister along (she didn't mention she would bring her). Went to a pub and got a drink, sat down and they just talked to each other. Then her sister got a call from a friend and asked her to join us. Two minutes later her friend turned up. This was all in the space of five minutes and I had just brought a drink so wanted to finish it, but felt it was too weird. I got up to leave and they asked if I could buy both the girls drinks. I said sure, went around to the bar and then just walked out." [via]

10. "One woman sat down and opened with, 'I'd like to talk to you about a great business opportunity!'. Yeah... I left." [via]

11. "I was on a double date with a friend and her friend’s friend. In the middle of the movie she saw some other dudes she knew and got up and went to the back of the cinema to talk to them for half an hour. Not just whispering, but a full conversation in the middle of the movie. My friend and I just got up and walked out." [via]

12. "She was a Karen times 10 with the waiting staff. Very condescending, rude and treated them like shit. I couldn't believe it as I had a crush on her for years before this first date and she always seemed like a total sweetheart." [via]

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