26 Times Men Pointed Out "Awful Things" Women Do, Giving Both Sides To The Story

Recently, Reddit user u/angelicswan333 asked the men of the community, "What are some really bad habits a lot of women have?"

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Men dove right in and gave a variety of responses. They've had different experiences, so some of the "bad habits women have" that have annoyed them range from pretty sexist to actually valid.

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So, to get both sides of the story, here are some things men claim women do that have affected them one way or another.

1."Smartphone 'addicts.' I don’t date someone who's always on social media — a woman without an Instagram is manageable. A woman without Instagram and Facebook is a unicorn."


"This really should be mandatory — I quit Facebook in 2009 and Instagram in 2017. My husband doesn’t use social media either. We literally never argue and aren’t delusional about our expectations for each other. 'Social' media really ruins lives, relationships, and marriages."


2."Weaponizing a breakup. When a girl does that to me (even if she doesn't mean it), I take it very seriously. You want to give up on the relationship just like that? Fine, but don't use or threaten me with the word 'breakup' if you don't mean it. Breaking up should be the last resort, if anything."


3."Thinking they’re more attractive than they really are, and having their friends affirm this false belief and then becoming delusional about it."


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4."Talking too much about money/desired lifestyles within the first couple of dates, even on your profile. A lot of men don’t want to be seen as an ATM with a penis, and those who don’t mind that are more likely to see women as disposable. So, it really exposes them to a potential lose-lose situation."


5."Buying and/or collecting things, just because. Things that are never used, and were never intended to be used. Just things to have and take up space in garages, spare rooms, and closets."


6."Most of the women in my life have simply never said they were sorry about anything. If they say something mean to me, and I get any type of emotion over it, they immediately get defensive and tell me I'm being too sensitive. Then they flip it around on me, and I'm the bad guy."


"You mean S.I.G.N.?

Shame. Insult. Guilt. Need to be right."


7."Not being able to accept the truth about how men feel."


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8."Actively pursuing men they are not attracted to, then blaming them for it. Cheating and treating them badly for not being good enough without the men having any idea why."


9."Not respecting privacy or any privileged information. Anything you tell her or show her, you are also telling her friends."


10."Testing you — asking or doing something just to see what choice I make (my fiancé answered this). Both of his ex-girlfriends did that A LOT. He told me about it before we dated, so I've always tried to not ever do that."


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11."Always making excuses or saying I’m not good enough. 'It’s always my fault' is usually the typical response from most females when you confront them about anything. Women: Just own up to your faults and mistakes, and quit trying to make a production out of everything you get questioned on."


12."I've never had a girlfriend admit they were wrong, and it's the exact thing they have said about men for decades."


"I've had a lot of women say something verifiably false. I provide the correct information and they say I'm wrong, double down, and don't let it go. I get the answer with verification and somehow I'm in the wrong for questioning her and 'having to be right.'"


13."Speaking negatively of men all at once. You speak truth to reality."


14."Taking relationship advice from unhappy or chronically single women."


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15."Apologizing too much at work or in public."


16."Believing that men can read minds."


17."Everything my wife does is a gift from heaven. Everything I do is expected, and still not enough."


18."Her being upset = my problem, me being upset = my problem. That, in turn, causes her to be upset (which is then also my problem). Basically, I’m not allowed to be upset or angry, it’s not valid, and I need to 'fix' myself."


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19."Willingly give criticism, but not being able to take it."


"I suffered an extreme case of this. My ex couldn’t take it when I asked if I could comment and she said 'yes,' only later to still cry, get angry, and blame me for it. She also had a pattern of delivering critique my way over ideas and I didn't say anything."


20."Being too indirect in communication and passive in relationships."


21."'Main character' syndrome. I don't think it's intentional, but I see it so often. I wonder if it's something new or I'm just starting to notice it."


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22."I don't know if a lot of women have this habit, but I know of a few cases where they've weaponized sex. Some of my buddies' wives or girlfriends will use sex as a weapon in order to coerce certain behavior."


23."Aligning the truth to their emotions. They will reject facts as the truth because it doesn't match their feelings, which is 'their truth.' Basically as their feelings change, the truth changes."


24."Swiping people on dating apps, then leaving them hanging when they match."


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25."Disrespecting their man in public."


26.And finally: "Giving unsolicited advice to their husband. For example, giving unsolicited tree-trimming advice to your husband this past weekend while standing out on the deck (that your husband built). This is just an example, of course..."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.