Men, What Do You Actually Want For Christmas This Year?

Coming up with the perfect gift ideas for the men in your life is no easy task.

Buddy the Elf in the Christmas-decorated department store in "Elf"
New Line Cinema

So I wanted to ask men themselves (or anyone else who already knows what to get them): What do you actually want for Christmas this year?

James Caan's character opening up a tiny gift at his desk in "Elf"
New Line Cinema

Maybe your boyfriend or husband has been dropping hints for months that he just wants something simple, like a certain pair of shoes or a specific grooming kit or tool.

A man shaving his beard with the electric razor

Perhaps you've personally had your eyes on an intricate puzzle or Lego set that'll bring you hours and hours of fun.

Someone putting together a Lego set of Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting

Or maybe your own wish list has some splurgeworthy items on it, like a cool gadget, fancy watch, or high-tech gym equipment.

Now's the time to spill. Use the comments below — or this Google form, if you'd like to be anonymous — to tell us what you actually want for Christmas this year. Don't forget to tell us why it's a must-have!

A scene from "Elf" where Buddy is jumping for joy in the Christmas-decorated department store
New Line Cinema

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!