A Memorial Day Sign Brought Peace To One Woman's Heart

Woman’s World reader Geri Wiseman received a special sign of gratitude from her mom for honoring her Memorial Day tradition.

Geri’s Guardian Angel story told in her own words:

My mother’s side of the family donated land for a cemetery many decades ago, and my mom served on the cemetery board until she passed away in 2011. I had promised her that I would continue to serve on the board in her place.

One of the duties of board members is to take turns sitting at the cemetery every Memorial Day weekend to be available for donations from visitors. Admittedly, this isn’t my favorite thing to do, and every year I grumble about this obligation. However, this is a small thing I can do to honor this promise to my mom.

The Renken Memorial cemetery where Geri received her Memorial Day sign
The Renken Memorial cemetery where Geri received her Memorial Day sign
Geri Wiseman

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I try to use my turn sitting at the cemetery to clean up around my family’s gravestones. It’s also a time I reflect on what is important in life and reminisce about the numerous conversations I had with my mother. Often, these conversations become more valuable and precious after our loved ones are no longer with us and remind me to be more grateful for the blessings in life.

While I still grumble about taking time to sit at the cemetery during Memorial Day weekend, I now understand why it was so important to my mother to stay connected to this cemetery and ensure that it stays in pristine condition. It’s important to have a place for loved ones to pay their respects to those who came before us.

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This past Memorial Day, I was preparing to enter my own donation in the financial ledger when there was a sudden breeze. I scrambled to stifle the blowing pages by placing my hand on the book. I was amazed and filled with a warmth when I lifted my hand to see my mother’s signature from her donation dated 2010.

Geri and her mother who sent her a Memorial Day sign
Geri and her mother who sent her a Memorial Day sign
Geri Wiseman

My hand landed on the page that was the last year my mom sat at the cemetery and made a contribution to the cemetery fund. It was as if she were sending me a message, “Thank you for honoring your promise.”

An Angel expert weighs in…

Angel expert, Sunny Dawn Johnston
Sunny Dawn Johnston

“Geri’s commitment to honoring her mother’s legacy—and her promise to her mom—through service on the cemetery board is a touching tribute that bridges the past with the present," says Sunny Dawn Johnson, a global authority on the angelic realm, with a portfolio of 22 books, including popular titles such as Invoking the Archangels, The Love Never Ends, and 365 Days of Angel Prayers. "Her mother’s dedication to the cemetery, a place deeply rooted in family history, inspired Geri to continue this meaningful work despite the personal sacrifices it takes. The experience Geri had with her mother’s signature appearing on a breezy day serves as a powerful affirmation of her efforts and a comforting sign that her mother appreciates her dedication.” Read more of Sunny’s insightful stories here.

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