‘What is that melody’ edit creator brags about viral sound’s success

The creator of one of the most popular sounds on TikTok took a victory lap a few days ago and used a brand-new meme to do so.

In October 2022, @raidenlucian posted an edit of Overwatch character Sigma saying, “What is that melody?” over an instrumental that combined “Wack Jumper” by GlockBoyz TeeJaee and OnFully and “Heir Encore” by Charles Aznavour.

“Bro accidentally made one of the most trending sounds,” replied @23_st1ms.

It was just one video in a series of edits from the TikTok creator, but this one spread quickly across the app. The specific video has over 4.5 million views, but the sound itself has over 112,000 videos attached.

Nearly three and a half months after he posted the video, Lucy reflected on his viral post.

“Sigma’s back must be hurting from carrying all these tiktok sounds,” commented @fizzys0das.

In the video, Lucy claimed he changed how the TikTok community asks for the name of songs, and he wasn’t wrong. TikTokers latched onto the song and made countless videos about the specific moment they needed to know exactly what they were hearing.

“I can’t describe the way i felt when i heard this song,” said @kennypoohbear.

Lucy may have also jump-started another trend while bragging about his sound’s success. The template he used was one of former President Barack Obama revealing a portrait. Initially, the video is of Obama unveiling a portrait of himself meant for the National Gallery. However, Lucian replaced Obama’s portrait with the video of his viral meme.

Several pages have already made green screen edits for the Obama unveiling, making it easier for creators to use for their own videos.

Lucy has already started one viral sound and trend. With his follow-up video receiving over 1 million views, another trend could be on its way soon.

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