Melissa McCarthy Showed Off Her "Hardcore" Home Reno Skills on the Latest Episode of 'Celebrity IOU'

Photo credit: Twitter/Property Brothers
Photo credit: Twitter/Property Brothers

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Ever since watching the first episode of Celebrity IOU—the new HGTV show that follows Hollywood A-listers as they surprise their friends, family members, and mentors with well-deserved home renovations—we’ve been eagerly awaiting the next. And, like many, we’ve been wondering who will join the Property Brothers next for what may very well be one of our new favorite home shows.

On Monday, April 20, we got our answer—actress Melissa McCarthy. She took to Instagram ahead of the episode’s premiere to share a silly tidbit leading up to the show. “If you look closely we all hold a hammer the same way. You’ll see…” she captioned the clip, in which she insinuated that, really, it should be the “Property Triplets,” not the Property Brothers.

In the episode, Melissa joined Drew and Jonathan Scott to transform her Uncle Jim and Aunt Connie’s home while they were away celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. Melissa considers the pair, who were career police officers in Chicago, to be her superheroes. She praises them as some of the kindest and most giving people she knows, and after her uncle was paralyzed from the waist down on the job, she wanted to help create a space that was more accessible for him as he re-learns to walk.

As expected, she got into character for the renovation process. The 49-year-old actress dressed in navy blue coveralls and wielded a sledgehammer alongside the Scott brothers. Beyond smashing through walls and accidentally removing a sink, she encouraged a game of limbo, and most hilariously, ripped a set of blinds directly from the window in a dramatic take on demo. And according to the clip above, the brothers were definitely impressed: "She was hardcore!"

In all, the trio, alongside Melissa’s cousin Jenna and a team of workers, updated the dining room, living room, kitchen, and the downstairs den. Where the first floor was designed largely with Connie in mind, the den was meant to be the perfect man cave for Jim.

When asked how she thought Jim and Connie would react, Melissa predicted that they’d be totally shocked by the makeover. “I have a feeling they’re going to think ‘we shouldn’t have had this, this should go to someone else,’” she said. “Which, to me, makes it all the better that it’s going to them.”

Celebrity IOU airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on HGTV.

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