Melissa McCarthy Makes a Surprising 'Gilmore Girls' Confession

Melissa McCarthy's first major role was as quirky chef Sookie in Gilmore Girls. The actress loved being on the show and has nothing but praise for it, but she doesn't like watching the hit series for a peculiar reason.

In a preview from her chat with Willie Geist for Sunday Today, the actress explained why.

"I watched [Gilmore Girls] with Vivian once, my oldest [daughter], and we watched the pilot… and I was watching her watch it. I'm also always afraid somehow, something's going to happen, and I'm going to be found in a room watching my own thing. So I have a super paranoia about, 'I can't watch my own stuff in the house,'" said the actress.

She added, "For some reason, I'm always like, what if I pass out and paramedics come in and the takeaway is, 'She was watching her own stuff. Pretty weird.' It's all I ever think about when we turn on [the TV] and it's me. [I'm like], 'Ooo God, do I feel lightheaded?' I don't want to pass out in a room where my stuff is playing. I know I shouldn't talk about that, it makes me sound nuts!"

Geist and McCarthy also spoke about Gilmore Girls' large and growing fanbase, with new generations of mothers showing their daughters the show now that it's streaming on Netflix. He shared that his wife Christina watched the show with their 16-year-old daughter, Lucie Joy, which flattered McCarthy.

"[Gilmore Girls] has had this generational…young people that watched it, now that they have kids, they watched it with their kids, and now their kids are watching with their own friends. It's had legs on it that I didn't expect," said McCarthy.

She added that many parents have talked to her about bonding with their children over the show while their teens are in a phase where it's difficult to connect and communicate. "They're like, 'It's the one time of [the] week that we can kind of sit down and we're cohesive.' And I was like, 'Oh my gosh, that's quite a thing to get to be connected with,'" the Mike and Molly alum recalled.