Meghan Markle’s Favorite Sneakers Are on Sale for $65(!!) Right Now

Alexis Bennett
Photo credit: Chris Jackson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Chris Jackson - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Um, I’ve never seen the price of Veja sneakers drop below $100, but it’s happenin’, folks. Right now. On more than one site, if you can handle it. And let me remind you that this is huge, because normally, these celebrity-approved shoes sell for somewhere between $120 and $150, depending on the exact style.

Some background: While perusing the deals on Amazon’s Big Style Sale (which, if you don’t know, took the place of the retailer’s delayed Amazon Prime Day events), I found the kicks—yes, the ones that flawless, rule-breaking royal Meghan Markle loves to wear—for as low as $75. But that is not all…

…because if you move quickly, you can find a few different eco-friendly Vejas styles on Net-a-Porter for $65. A full $10 cheaper. Yeah, the stars are aligning perfectly for us fashionistas.

The sneakers, which come in a ton of gorge colors, are perfect to wear with all your summer dresses and shorts. And since you’re going to be getting them at such a good price, it doesn’t hurt to grab a few different hues while they’re on sale for—once again—$65!!! Shop with me below!

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