Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Helping an Animal Charity Struggling Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been giving back to people in their communities throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but Markle may secretly be working to keep animals safe as well.

According to a new report by Newsweek from May 28, the duchess has been making calls and helping to support Mayhew, a London-based charity that provides services to homeless and vulnerable individuals with pets. The publication reports that the animal charity has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic and social distancing measures.

"We receive no government support or anything, so we rely completely on public donations, which are for the most part gathered from fundraising events," Mayhew's P.R. and media officer Sarah Hastelow said. "It's been a steady decline of operations and funds. We are trying to be as adaptive and reactive as possible."

On Mayhew's homepage is a call for help: "We desperately need extra funds to buy supplies of food, litter, flea and worm treatment as our suppliers are running low," a banner reads alongside a link to donate.

A spokesperson for Markle, who is featured as a patron on the charity's website, told Newsweek that she is "in touch and working with Mayhew at this time." Meanwhile, Hastelow described the former senior royal as "a champion of animals and animal welfare."

Markle meeting Minnie the Jack Russell during a visit to the Mayhew in January 2019

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits Mayhew

Markle meeting Minnie the Jack Russell during a visit to the Mayhew in January 2019
WPA Pool

"The duchess has been in touch, I can't say much more than that," Hastelow told Newsweek. "She originally got involved with us back in 2018 because she's been such a champion of animals and animal welfare. It's always been a passion of hers. When she was looking at patronages, she got in touch. She really liked the fact we are a bit different and work with the vulnerable pet owners."

"Other charities don't have that side, so that's what really drew her to us," the spokesperson continued. "It means absolutely everything to people to be able to keep their animals. A pet is often someone's only companion, their only source of comfort. To have their pet taken away at a time when everything else has been taken away as well would be the final straw for them. It would be devastating for them."

Markle has two dogs of her own: a black Lab and a rescue beagle named Guy.

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