Meghan Markle’s Net Worth Was Hugely Impacted by Her Royal Exit & That’s Not a Bad Thing

Jenzia Burgos

In a matter of months, the Duchess of Sussex went from overseeing luxurious renovations at her Frogmore Cottage Estate in the U.K. to stepping down from that world altogether. It’s only natural that Meghan Markle’s net worth changed after such a major shift—but followers of the royal family have often wondered if that change was for the better.

Here’s what we do know: Meghan, 38, and her husband Prince Harry, 35, are doing just fine financially. The Duke of Sussex has been well-supported by his father, Prince Charles, for years—the 71-year-old Prince of Wales even offered to pay for Meghan and Harry’s security fees when they moved to California. But that...

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