Meghan Markle & Constance Wu Want to Channel Their Kids' Ability to Feel Their Emotions As Deep As 'An Adele Album'

Meghan Markle and Constance Wu are admiring their kids’ Adele album-sized feelings in the latest episode of Archetypes, and we can’t help but appreciate their big, shameless displays of emotion too.

In an effort to destigmatize women’s emotions being referred to as “crazy” or “hysteria,” the two famous women had a conversation about how they’ve been conditioned by society to repress their feelings rather than express them. Wu spoke of her daughter, saying, “I look at my kid now and it’s like, you know, when she has her feelings, she has them large and she’s not embarrassed of them.”

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The actress and author continued, “It’s so real and raw because no one’s told her she should feel any shame for that type of emotion. No one’s told her to filter it, but she also doesn’t have the tools yet to navigate big feelings, and that’s one of the big things that I have had to learn [through therapy].”

Wu got even more candid about her emotional constipation and the effect it had on her life and mental health, sharing, “I spent so much of my life trying to repress my naturally emotional side that, you know, it would come out in fits and bursts because repression, it doesn’t just disappear, it goes somewhere.”

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Meghan agreed with Wu’s assessment of the childlike ability to air all emotions in the very moment of feeling, saying, “When you watch our kids, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world — even though in the moment, it might not feel that way. If they have a breakdown and they just scream and they let it all out, guess what happens? A second later, they’re fine because they let it out.

The Duchess continued, “I would love to cry this much, but I’m conditioned to still have some different kind of composure. And now you sort of go, ‘Just relax and let it out,’ and I see the same thing in my kids as you’re talking about in yours where I’m like, ‘Oh my God I want to do that. I want to feel so deeply.'” Meghan then made a hilarious comparison to her kids’ release of emotion, saying, “It’s like an Adele album; so much intense emotion.”

They may be inexperienced in the grand scheme of life, but there’s still so much to admire about the purity of little kids — take this as your sign to embrace your inner child a little bit more in the face of the “crazy” label society may try to push on you. Being in touch with your emotions doesn’t make you hysterical, it makes you healthy — and a strong example for your kids as they grow into adults.

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