Meghan Markle's Perfect Brows Are All Thanks To This Old-Hollywood Icon

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Almost 25 years after her death — and more than 60 years since she first burst onto the silver screen with her starring role in Roman Holiday — Audrey Hepburn’s cultural legacy lives on. The legendary actress and humanitarian’s impact is far-reaching; you’ll still find traces of her influence in modern-day movies, style and beauty trends, and on the walls of teenage girls' bedrooms worldwide. (Seriously, how many Breakfast at Tiffany’s posters do you think have been printed since the movie came out in 1961?)

In fact, if you look closely, you can even find echoes of Audrey in Meghan Markle’s eyebrows. Since relocating to London just last month (for her official move-in to Nottingham Cottage, as you do), Markle has reportedly become a regular at Mayfair salon Nails & Brows, where she sees the salon’s founder, Sherrille Riley, for the full Audrey treatment. As Riley tells Harper’s Bazaar UK, she uses a combination of waxing, tweezing, and threading (yes, all three) to create the clean, elegant look. "You can't really go wrong with the Audrey," Riley says.

<span class="copyright">Photo: Sunset Boulevard/Corbis/Getty Images.</span>
Photo: Sunset Boulevard/Corbis/Getty Images.

The technique takes after the icon's brow look in that it's straight and archless, with a slight upward lift toward the ends of the brows. "This helps to lift [the] eyes while balancing [the] features," Riley explains. The Audrey, she says, "is modern, elegant and super flattering for Markle's features."

You don't have to be Hollywood royalty or a real-life Duchess-to-be to get the Audrey for yourself: The 20-minute service is one of several options on the menu at Nails & Brows, where anyone can walk on in and request the look, provided they're prepared to shell out £48. That's roughly $65 in the US — so, not cheap.

Still, we can't imagine that will stop diehard fans of the British monarchy from busting down the door at Nails & Brows demanding the Audrey. If there's one thing the salon can learn from Line, the Canadian clothing label responsible for the coat Markle wore in her official engagement photos, it's that renaming the service "the Meghan" might not be such a bad business move.

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