Megan Thee Stallion Just Dropped Enough Nail Inspo for Your Whole Summer

When it comes to manicure inspiration,, no one does it like Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper's nail game is second to none, thanks in part to her go-to manicurist Coca Michelle, a true artist whose work should honestly be hanging in the Louvre at this point. (Still thinking about that light-up manicure from summer 2022.) Lucky for us, Megan and Michelle have graced us with all the manis we could ever need this summer, so start planning your looks now.

Michelle shared a carousel of some of Megan's recent sets to her Instagram, and we're not talking one or two manis — there are seven actual works of art here to peruse, plus a few close-up shots to get in all the goodness, and those little details are everything. Where do we even start? The first set is a sheer purple lipstick-shaped mani (one of Megan's favorite styles) with shining gold chrome tips, gold jewels and even a little hoop hanging from one nail — a manicure we got a sneak peek of back in March. Another set is similarly jewel-toned, this time in shades of chartreuse, orange, ruby and emerald and covered in a treasure chest's worth of gemstones.

Noted gamer Megan also shouted out her love of Nintendo with a "Super Nintendo World"-themed set in pastel hues with 3D stars, mushrooms and hearts. Another design featured 10 clocks, one on each of Megan's fingers, in shades of light green, black, cream, turquoise and red. We also got a little French manicure action from a classic white-tipped set and the golden satin chrome nails she wore to an event alongside a vintage Paco Rabanne ensemble. The final manicure in the bunch was no less stunning, a sheer metallic silver Michelle and Megan dubbed "cateye storm."

After seeing this plethora of artistry, we totally understand why Michelle's Instagram bio says "visual poet." According to Michelle, she and Megan are a creative dream team. "I just love when people stay true to their authentic look while also evolving over time," she previously shared of their relationship. "With Megan, she always been super creative, and [I love] being able to be a part of her team and help step it up, create new levels. "I'm the type of person where I don't like saying no. So whatever idea you have, I'm trying my best to make it happen."

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