Megan Thee Stallion Had the Best Reaction to a Bird in Her Kitchen

Kori Williams
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Photo credit: Amanda Edwards - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amanda Edwards - Getty Images

From Seventeen

  • Megan Thee Stallion posted a video to her Instagram Story of a bird that flew into her kitchen.

  • She named it Jeremy.

Megan Thee Stallion may have made a new best friend in quarantine after a bird flew into her kitchen. Yesterday, she posted videos on her Instagram Story recording the tiny bird that found itself next to her stove.

Megan, and who can be presumed to be her bodyguard Justin, can be heard talking to each other and the bird in the background. "Who let that bird in," she asks and keeps her phone zoomed in on her latest guest.

Megan and Justin can be heard in the background trying to figure out how the bird got in, but it stares her in the face for a few seconds with its mouth open before turning its attention to something else. "He's so bold," she said. "You in my house looking at me like you surprised!"

Later on, Megan yells at the bird, "Get out!" Instead, it flew up and landed on a bowl close by making her scream. She noticed it was scared at that point but still tried to keep that distance between them. "Okay, listen, he's scared," she said. "Ok, well, first of all, we gotta open the window."

It sounds like Justin moves to open the window but by then, Megan and the birds might have become fast friends. She gave the bird a name while sticking with social distancing protocol. Say hello to Jeremy.

The video ends with us not knowing what exactly happened with the bird, but I hope it at least got an autograph.

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