Megan Roup’s 3 Go-to Moves for Strengthening Your Glutes, Core and Easing Back Into Movement

Megan Roup.<p> Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images</p>
Megan Roup.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

As a mother of two, fitness instructor Megan Roup knows a thing or two about stepping away from exercise and then back into it. She knows that the transition from limited physical activity back to your typical routine doesn’t just happen overnight.

The Sculpt Society founder had her second daughter at the beginning of September, meaning the past few months have been an exercise in easing back into a fitness routine. So, it’s safe to say that Roup has a few tips and tricks for getting back into a regimen after a hiatus—pregnancy-related or otherwise.

When you’re trying to get back into working out, there are two important areas to focus your attention on: your glutes and core. With that in mind, Roup took to her TikTok to share her three favorite moves for strengthening both.

Here are the sculpting moves that have helped her throughout her postpartum recovery:

1. Kneeling side kicks

Plant one knee on your mat and bend forward, placing the forearm on the same side on the ground in front of you. Plant your other hand on the ground beside your forearm. Extend the leg that’s not planted behind you. Slowly bend your knee, bringing your leg in closer to you. Then, kick it out to the side. Flow through the move to bring your leg back behind you.

2. Side plank hip lifts

In a modified side plank, with one knee resting on the mat beneath you and your other leg resting on top of it, slowly lift your hips away from the mat. Return to the mat and repeat.

3. Side plank twist

In a modified side plank with your hips lifted, begin to twist your upper body, bringing your top arm down beneath you. Bring your arm back up and extend it long above you. Repeat.

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