Megan Fox Is a Redhead Again — But for Real This Time

As much as Megan Fox has been known to switch up her hair color with a fun wig, she's practically the spokesperson for the stunning combination of dark hair and light eyes. So it may come as a surprise just how completely right she looks with her new — and apparently actually dyed, not-a-wig — red hair.

Yes, Fox has dabbled in red hair before, like the extra-long, vibrant auburn wig she wore in October. But this time, it seems like she's made a long-term commitment to the Jessica Rabbit look with the help of colorist Jacob Schwartz and stylist Dimitris Giannetos, who said his inspiration was actually the Little Mermaid.

Fox debuted the beautiful new shade at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. "For Megan's color, we looked through different variations of red. Her eyes are so blue so I knew adding more copper would be the move," says Schwartz, who's based at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills. "I wanted her change to be a full-on moment, but also wanted to approach it with a natural touch so I kept it a deeper copper tone." Schwartz used Redken's new Color Gels Oils to achieve that tone.

"Megan is revealing her new hair tonight, which is coppery red and a shorter length," Giannetos said in an email, though it's by no means short: Fox's hair is still well past her shoulders. "She's wearing a beautiful black gown, so we wanted the hair to look very effortless and modern."

And he definitely succeeded with three key Unite hair products. "I started by using Unite's Elevate Mousse in towel-dried hair in order to give some body and lift the roots of the hair. I then blow-dried the hair in small sections using a round brush. Once dry, I used some Texturiza Spray to maintain the volume and fullness," Giannetos said. "To finish, I sprayed my favorite Go365 Hairspray so the hair could last all night at the Vanity Fair Oscar party."

Fox showed off the look while posing with a number of other guests, including Billie Eilish, who's currently carrying the dark-hair, light-eyes torch for Fox while she enjoys being a ginger.

<h1 class="title">Megan Fox Billie Eilish 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party</h1><cite class="credit">Getty Images</cite>

Megan Fox Billie Eilish 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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Fox isn't back on Instagram yet, so we won't know for sure if she's sticking with red hair until the next major event she attends. But considering how amazing she looks, we won't be surprised if this becomes her new signature look.

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